MSHS Metalock Engineering USA (MME)

Motor-Services Hugo Stamp (MSHS) and Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH's (MEG) joint venture MSHS Metalock Engineering USA (MME) has been created to strengthen the MSHS offering of diesel engine services with specialized
On Site Crankshaft Journal Machining Repair for the Marine and Stationary power markets. General On Site Machining such as Flange Facing, Drilling and Line Boring of engine main journal bores, wear and tear to rudder bores or emergency situations are offered globally.

About Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc.

Founded in 1983 MSHS provides turnkey solutions for the maritime and stationary power industries. Pursuit of engineering, service excellence and commitment to customer service has enabled MSHS to establish relationships with customers worldwide. MSHS continually meets customers´ requirements through the rapid delivery of solutions‚ and competitive pricing. MSHS has dynamically established a strategy for continuous reinvestment in resources and infrastructure. This constant drive for modernization has enabled the company to maintain consistent competitive advantages in the maritime industry.

About Metalock Engineering GmbH

Since 1952, Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH has been active in the fields of 2- and 4-stroke Crankshaft journal repairs, mechanical machining, welding, METALOCK/MASTERLOCK repairs and overhauling production machinery used both in the industry, offshore and or shipping. With around 210 employees, Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH is the largest company in the MIDROC Metalock Group; being part of this Group provides cooperation with network of experts worldwide. Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH operates internationally from its headquarters near Hamburg, Germany, and is supported by branches throughout Germany. Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH develops machines in-house which are continually optimized for exclusive use of Metalock applications.