• MME Attends SMM

    The SMM Show was a great success for MME providing opportunities to see existing customers as well as create new business relationships.

    "Attending the show was a great opportunity to demonstrate to our visitors that MME is its own entity. The perception is that we only perform metal stitching, but with our state-of-the-art mobile machining tools, we offer on site crankshaft machining, and repairs anywhere in the world." says Nico de Graaf, Technical Director at MME.


  • Launch of On Site Machining Joint Venture 08/05/2015 MSHS Metalock Engineering, Inc. (MME) Launched

    The joint venture, named MSHS Metalock Engineering, Inc. (MME) has been created to strengthen the MSHS offering of diesel engine services with specialized On site crankshaft journal machining repair for the Marine and Stationary power markets. General On site Machining such as flange facing, drilling and line boring of engine main journal bores, wear and tear to rudder bores or emergency situations are offered globally.