Our Services

Recognized by industry leaders, Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) and Metalock Engineering DE, Germany represent the best in complete turnkey solutions for On Site Machining Service 24/7. MSHS Metalock Engineering USA provides:

Crankshaft journal repair - Customized tools for all engine makes and/or models. Mobile machining tools - Minimize engine and other large equipment downtime. Experienced factory-trained MSHS Metalock Engineering USA engineers.

2- and 4-stroke diesel engine failure on a vessel or stationary power plant can cause extremely high costs and tremendous downtime. Our On Site/In-Situ machining services eliminate some of these costs and reduce downtime caused by the complete disassembly, removal, and transport of damaged engine parts.

  • Crank Shaft Journal Repair

    On Site machining for 2- and 4- stroke diesel engine crankshaft journals.


  • Metal Stitching

    Metal stitching is a method of repairing cracks in cast metals without the need for welding.


  • Line Boring

    Line boring main & auxiliary engines and rudder bores are some of the services we offer this industry.


  • Flange Facing

    Plane surfaces that are no longer flat and therefore cause leakages are mechanically machined.


  • Milling

    Mechanically processed on-site through mobile milling units.


  • Drilling

    One-stop source from broken cylinder heads studs to stud holes repairs.


  • Inserts

    Refurbishing damaged thread holes.


  • Specialized Welding

    Certified welding procedures on-site/in-situ